Clay Elting receiving the 2015 Holmes Volunteer of the Year Award



Nevada Rock Art Foundation Awards

The Nevada Rock Art Foundation has several annual and occasional awards that are made to recognize and honor exceptional volunteerism and contributions to archaeological research and historic preservation. These awards are presented at the Foundation's Annual Meeting.

Don D. Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award (formerly the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award)

This occasional award is made to honor exceptional contributions to Great Basin anthropology. It is named in honor of NRAF's charter Board President.

Alanah J. Woody Award for Exceptional Service (formerly the Executive Director’s Award for Exceptional Service

This occasional award honors NRAF’s founding Director’s dedication and commitment and is given to acknowledge exceptional service to NRAF and its mission through specific projects and/or a long history of exemplary service.

Holmes Volunteer of the Year Award

Given annually in honor of the exceptional volunteerism of its inaugural recipients Jack & Elaine Holmes, this award recognizes a history of outstanding volunteerism to rock art preservation.

Friends of the Foundation Award

This occasional award recognizes the contributions made to rock art preservation by partner agencies and groups.

Award Recipients

Don D. Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award

2004- Eileen Green

2006- Alvin McLane

2008- Don Frazier

2011- Don D. Fowler; Catherine S. Fowler

2013- Pat Barker

Alanah J. Woody Award for Exceptional Service

2004- Shari Chase

2007- Elaine Holmes; Anne McConnell

2008- Pat Barker; Don Murray

2009- Ralph and Cheryln Bennett

2010- Darla Garey-Sage; Anne Higgins

2011- Joan Johnson

2012- Carl Wilson

Holmes Volunteer of the Year Award

2004- Jack & Elaine Holmes

2005- Kathleen Hayes

2006- Anne McConnell

2007- Ralph and Cheryln Bennett

2008- Jeff Thelen

2009- Bill James

2010- Carolyn Barnes-Wolfe

2011 Doug Rorer

2012 Janice Hoke

2013 Don & Pat Wescott

2014 Barbara Biggs

2015 Clay Elting

Friends of the Foundation Award

2004- Lost City Museum

2005- NDoT; WNRC&D-NRCS; RSCVA; Dan Smercina

2006- Nevada State Museum; Dean Haymore and Storey County

2007- UNLV Public Lands Institute; Nevada Archaeological Site Stewardship Program

2008- Nevada BLM

2010- Washoe County Parks and Regional Planning

2015 - Artists Co-op Gallery Reno

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