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Thank you for your commitment to Nevada’s rock art. By joining, renewing, or making a donation to the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, you become an important participant in discovering and preserving the cultural and artistic history of the early inhabitants of Nevada.


As the Foundation approaches its fifteenth year, we can look back on the many accomplishments we have achieved with your support. These include documenting rock art sites throughout the state at places like Dry Lakes Basin, Massacre Lake, Lagomarsino Canyon, Lincoln County, Valley of Fire, Nat Canyon, Sloan Canyon, and Little Red Rocks, to name a few of our signature projects. Land managers now have a better record of what they manage and how to interpret and protect the rock art on public lands. NRAF’s staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to record and document rock art for the public to appreciate and future generations to enjoy. This work has provided the basis for public interpretation, ranging from brochures of public rock art sites to curricula for Nevada educators. All told, the work of NRAF since its inception has made great strides in understanding rock art across the Great Basin.

None of this would have happened without the work and support of our members. Financial support from our members is more important than ever. Our circumstances have changed over the years--projects are in more remote areas with tougher field conditions; grant opportunities from land managing agencies face increasingly restrictive guidelines; and funds for public education are more and more difficult to acquire and administer. Yet, the Foundation persists and continues its work to identify, record, document and educate. The mission is still critical, support is still available statewide, and staff and volunteers remain dedicated to completing the work envisioned by our founders.

This year, I ask you to consider making an end-of-year contribution to help support general operating expenses. Federal grants are restricted to programmatic expenses such as doing fieldwork and preparing archaeological survey reports. Operating costs are unglamorous but necessary and are always a challenge to raise. Therefore, I ask for your help in meeting these expenses as we continue our mission of enhancing archaeological knowledge of Nevada rock art.

I thank you for your past and ongoing support.

Alice Baldrica, MA
President, Board of Directors

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To become a member of the Nevada Rock Art Foundation download and mail our Membership Form. Alternatively, you can join by using the shopping cart below which will take you to a secure PayPal webpage where you can join using your PayPal account or a debit/credit card.

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Alanah Woody Field of Dots $5000+

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NRAF members receive:

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Sustaining memberships ($100 and above) also recieve

Complimentary registration to the NRAF Annual Meeting
$100 Atlatl:  NRAF t-shirt or hat with logo
$250 Archer: Atlatl benefits + NRAF polo
$500 Weaver: Archer benefits + Framed Petroglyph photograph
$1000 Sunburst: Weaver benefits + Special Event with Annual Distinguished Lecturer
$5000+ Alanah Woody Field of Dots: Sunburst benefits + VIP Site Tour

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships to the Nevada Rock Art Foundation are a special way to honor a family member, friend or business colleague.  When you make a gift membership, the recipient will receive a membership package/acknowledgement letter notifying them of your gift.

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